In light of the distressing and ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, upcoming trips abroad for many people have been put on hold or have been outright cancelled.   However, many people still feel the need to get away and have a break.  There are prudent alternatives… ones that you can enjoy domestically with your loved ones, without the concern of being exposed to crowds.  One option is a private sailing vacation in Newport Beach, CA.  From the deck of a sailboat, the fresh air of the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of nature around you are incredibly inviting and yet very exclusive.

This past week, we had a gentleman from the Midwest call us.  He had booked a trip to Italy this spring with his wife.  Unfortunately and understandably, that trip was put on hold.  They still felt the need to get away and have a break, so they looked around for something domestic.  They wanted something private–just for them–with no groups and no public events or crowds to worry about.  They also sought a trip less expensive than going to Europe, and something that would be mentally stimulating, yet physically active at the same time.  A Learn to Sail Vacation with the Newport Beach Sailing School fit what they were looking for.

David, and his wife Marie, booked a 5-Day private Learn to Sail Vacation.  The trip to Orange County was an easy one.  Upon their arrival at our offices, the couple was greeted with friendly, reassuring service.  They were escorted down to a clean, beautiful, and comfortable yacht, reserved exclusively for the two of them.  Sanitized surroundings, upgraded mattresses for a good night’s sleep, warm duvet comforters, and the creature comforts of home were only part of what made the experience enjoyable.

The couple received their sailing books before their scheduled trip, so that they could review the learning material ahead of time.  Part of the joy and discovery of a holiday is thinking about the voyage and experience ahead of time.  It keeps us motivated, it keeps us going, and that is just what the studying did for them.  David and Marie learned as a couple–and they bonded through the new knowledge they gained–while also experiencing the excitement of the sport of sailing.

Newport Beach Sailing School is dedicated to the enjoyment, comfort, health and safety of our sailing guests.  If you have been thinking about ways to get away in a more cautious manner this year, look into booking a Learn to Sail Vacation today.  There are 11 different Learn to Sail Vacations to choose from at  Select 3, 4, 5 or 7 day packages.  There is no experience necessary to get started.  The place for beginners to start is the ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Certification.  Call the Newport Beach Sailing School at 949 209-9931 for more information and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  You can find us on the harbor waterfront at 201 East Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92660.  We have been a local family run business for over 15 years.